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موسسه خود شاه یک موسسه سطح سوم واقع در مرکز سیدنی، استرالیا و ارائه دوره های با کیفیت بالا معتبر در رشته حسابداری، کسب و کار، و TESOL (آموزش زبان انگلیسی به زبان های دیگر) است.

پس از یک هنگ از ارتش بریتانیا که با آن مدیر عامل شرکت و دین به عنوان یک افسر ارز همراه بود به نام، موسسه خود شاه تصویب یک روح مشابه و ارزش ها با سنت ها و شهرت تاسیس برای توسعه به رسمیت شناخته شده آن از رهبران موفق است.

حروف اول KOI ما یک معنی دوم، به عنوان کلمه "کوی" در برخی از زبان های آسیایی کپور وحشی است. کوی پر انرژی است و می تواند بالادست در برابر جریان شنا. با توجه به افسانه اگر یک کوی موفق در بالا رفتن از آبشار در یک نقطه به نام دروازه اژدها بر روی رودخانه زرد این امر می تواند به یک اژدها تبدیل شده است. این نشان می دهد استقامت در سختی و مقاومت هدف. از آنجا که از قدرت و اراده برای غلبه بر موانع آن، کوی نشان دهنده شجاعت و توانایی برای رسیدن به اهداف بالا.

به طور مشابه، موسسه خود شاه (KOI) قصد دارد تا یک رهبر شناخته شده به عنوان ارائه دهنده معروف برای آموزش پرورش دانش آموزان ما به موفقیت در کار. تجربه سفر آموزش عالی می تواند به عنوان به عنوان مدرک به خودی خود مهم.

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دانشجویان و پردیس ها

Modern Facilities

King’s Own Institute’s premises are centrally located and have been designed with the needs of today’s students in mind. The environment is not only comfortable but most importantly it is conducive to study and highly functional for the busy student.


The Institute’s computer facilities include the latest technology and software, with sufficient terminals to cater for student needs.

Wifi is provided throughout KOI so that students can access the internet from anywhere in the Institute for total connectivity. Every trimester, each student is given a generous free data allowance for internet usage.


King’s Own Institute has a specially designed and resourced library and a specialist librarian for this essential part of study. Our library is stocked with reference materials relevant to the courses offered in our Institute and includes text books, magazines, journals, reference books and newspapers. At KOI, we do our best to resource students for their best performance. Student Lounge Our student lounges are more than somewhere to stop and have lunch. They are places to meet fellow students, relax, mingle and foster friendships. The environment is stylish, comfortable, practical and inviting. Students can bring their own lunches with reheating facilities available and vending machines for that pick-me-up snack to keep energy levels up.

پذیرش و شرایط مورد نیاز

Europe Certificate of Secondary Education or Certificate of Secondary (Complete) Education awarded on completion of general secondary schooling.

South America Certificate of Secondary Education.

Middle- East / UAE, Kuwait Successful completion of a recognised one-year pre-university program or successful completion of one year of study at a recognised tertiary institution in addition to completion of High School studies.

Middle- East/ Lebanon Successful completion of the Iranian Higher Diploma or successful completion of a recognised one-year pre-university program or successful completion of one year of study at a recognised tertiary institution in addition to completion of High School studies.

Countries not listed above For all other countries, enquire at King’s Own Institute.

اطلاعات کاربردی

KOI operates on a Semester – based Trimester system

KOI operates on a semester based trimester system, allowing students to complete a three year bachelor degree in two years if no trimester breaks are taken. If trimester breaks are taken, a degree cannot be completed in the minimum time.

It is compulsory for students to complete two consecutive trimesters in their first year of study. After two consecutive trimesters of study, students may apply to take trimester breaks. Approval of a trimester break is not automatic, and is dependent on academic process. Students who wish to apply for a trimester break must do so in writing, before the end of week 10 of the trimester before they wish to take a break.

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