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German University of Technology in Oman BSc Computer Science
German University of Technology in Oman

BSc Computer Science

Muscat, عمان

7 Semesters

زبان انگلیسی

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Sep 2024

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Computer Science (CS) is concerned with all scientific and practical aspects of information processing and computing. Computer science students learn the theoretical foundations of the field together with practical techniques for their implementation, in particular, the design of computational systems.

Strong emphasis is placed on the interaction of informatics and engineering, communication and technology, and the application of computing technology in the cultural and business context of Oman and the Gulf region.


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, which has been accredited by the European accreditation agency ACQUIN, combines a computer science major with a business administration minor. The eight-semester program requires four years of study.

In the first two years, a broad framework of formal background knowledge and basic conceptual and practical skills is developed, both in computer science and its applications in business. In the last two years, students specialize in particular technical, applied, and business domains by choosing elective courses from any subfield. Particular emphasis is placed on the acquisition of domain knowledge and the development of teamwork and management skills. In the final year, the students are required to do an internship in a company and to write a Bachelor Thesis.

Opportunities for Further Studies

The international accreditation by ACQUIN qualifies CS graduates to enter Masters and Ph.D. programs in Europe and North America. In the future, the CS Department is planning to offer CS Master’s programs in Muscat.

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